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The goal of Training & Placement Cell is to provide employment opportunities and world class training to TGPCA Students in Leading Organizations. The Cell is well equipped with ample infrastructure in Terms of Testing halls, Consultancy Hall for Pre Placement Talks, Presentations etc.


It arranges training for students in industries for 3-4 weeks at the end of 4th Semester and for 6 months in 6th, 7th or 8th Semester. The Architecture Department students undergo Six months training. The students of the college undergo their training at various prestigious. The students act as a channel of communication with industries.


All the reputed organizations including MNCs come to the College for campus recruitment. To achieve its goal, the Training & Placement Cell work towards recognizing the core competencies of students. It works through a close knot organization and has a structure which conveys information to the students at the fastest possible rate. A common placement presentation for all the branches is published. The Training & Placement Cell firmly believes in 'Industry-Institute Interaction'. In order to accomplish 'Industry-Institute Interaction' it organizes technical talks and national seminars to provide a platform for the budding engineers to interact with professionals from various industries. It encourages visits to the industries by the college students. It arranges for industrial problems to be worked on by students as part of their projects. It also takes suggestions from the members of industry regarding designing/changing of curriculum. The college has signed MOUs with many industrial organizations and industrial chambers. Technical paper presentation contests are held in collaboration with industries to discuss new developments and trends.


To make exemplary contribution to the progress and future of our institute by enhancing the capabilities of our students, by imparting placements in the reputed industries . We also endeavor to be the preferred platform for candidates to discover and pursue exciting careers with their ideal organizations.


♦ To attract and retain knowledgeable, creative, motivated and highly skilled individuals whose leadership and contributions uphold the college tenets of education, creativity, research and responsible public service.

♦ To partner and collaborate with industry, government, and R&D institutes to develop new knowledge and sustainable technologies and serve as an engine for facilitating the nation’s economic development

♦ To impart personality development skills to students that will help them to succeed and lead

♦ To instill in students the attitude, values and vision that will prepare them to lead lives of personal integrity and civic responsibility

♦ To promote a campus environment that welcomes and makes students of all races, cultures and civilizations feel at home

♦ Putting students face to face with industrial, governmental and societal challenges

It is a pleasure to welcome you to the Training & Placement Department of Tulsiramji Gaikwad-Patil College of Architecture, Nagpur (TGPCA). Globally accepted as a vibrant seat of academic and professional excellence, Tulsiramji Gaikwad-Patil College of Architecture, Nagpur is known for its innovative approach, participative culture and academic rigor. Our college bestows its rich heritage and knowledge through one of the top faculties in India on the students and gives them an opportunity to carve a new path in their lives.

The Training and Placement Cell, (TGPCA) apart from giving an outstanding placement record provides the platform for students to gain most from the personality development and marketing experience program. We believe the main responsibility of placements is on the shoulders of students themselves. We focus on not just creating engineers but pioneers and leaders for the future development of our nation. Students of the earlier batches have furthered from the solid foundation of our institution by taking placements in companies with top global reputation. Training & Placement Cell looks after the interests of the students and the recruiting organizations by acting as channel of communication between them.

Over thousands of engineers, technologists, managers and entrepreneurs today are active across the globe. The strong industry linkages ultimately go a long way in providing a holistic approach to research and education. I invite the recruiting organizations and graduating students to find the best match between their needs and capabilities and look forward to have your active participation.